Pulaski County Virginia


Places to See

Dc Wysor Observatory
DC Wysor Observatory

DC Wysor Observatory

600 Dunlap Rd, Dublin VA

(540) 674-0755

Watch the night skies from Pulaski County’s Wysor Observatory. The observatory’s equipment was donated by Davidson Charlton Wysor, a county native who was a professional geologist and amateur astronomer. After he built and furnished the facility, Wysor presented it to the County School Board in October 1969.

  • Open Fridays, 9–11pm

St. Alban's Sanitorium

6248 University Park Drive, Radford VA

(540) 260-3111


St. Alban’s is known for its hauntings that have attracted paranormal experts, such as “Ghost Hunters” and “The Dead Files.” The building first served as a boy’s school and later a mental hospital that served many mentally ill patients. It has managed to garner national popularity in its state of disrepair